Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber (Simple Type)

Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber (Simple Type)

It is equipped with a precise system of temperature and humidity control, which provide various necessary environmental simulative conditions for industrial researchers and biotechnology tests. Widely applied in sterile tests and stability check-up of pharmaceuticals, textile, and food processing as well as tests in material, performance, packing and lifetime of industrial products.


* Polished stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning, and the space between the shelves in the chamber is adjustable.
* Microprocessor controller for temperature and humidity ensures precise and reliable control
* Independent temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments run safely.
* Printer connector and RS485 connector are options which can connect the printer and computer to record the parameters and the variations of temperature.(option)
* There is a 25mm instruction connection hole on the left side of the chamber for easy testing operation and temperature measurement.

* Independent temperature-limiting Alarm system
* RS485/RS232 connector
* Printer


Model LHS-150SC LHS-250SC
Temperature Range With Humidity: 15~45°C
Without Humidity: 10~45°C
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Stability High ±1°C LOW ±2°C
Humidity Range 60~85%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±5~8%RH
Power Consumption 680W 850W
Ambient Temperature +5~35°C
Continue working time >180 Hours
Electrical Requirement 220V 50HZ
Chamber Dimension (mm) 500*370*800 650*500*830
Exterior Dimension (mm) 600*575*1325 750*900*1580
Shelves 3PCS

* It is a simple type and cannot run for a long time ( >180 Hours).

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