DHG-9013A Series Blast Air Drying Oven (Popular)

Blast Air Drying Oven (Popular)

Product Characteristics:
1. With mirror surface in stainless steel, Foursquare semicircle transition, shelf support handing freely, easy for cleaning within the case.
2. It adopts temperature control protection, digital display, microcomputer PID temperature controller with the timer function to ensure precise and reliable temperature control.
3. Hot air circulation system is composed of the blower fan and proper air channels, which is capable of continuous operation at high temperature. Improve the uniformity of the temperature inside the working chamber.
4. New-style Silicon gasket ensures long-life under high temperature, and easy to replace.
5. Can adjust the flow of blast & exhaust in control panel.
6. Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensures experiments run safely and no accident would happen.(Option)
7. Recorder and printer are options which can print or record-setting parameters and trace variation curves of temperature(4~20mA standard signal).(Option)

Optional accessories:
1. Intelligent programmable temperature LCD controller.
1. Independence temperature limited alarm system.
2. RS484 connector and communication software.
3. Control board and printer (Build-In or Independence printer)
4. 25mm test port.
4. U Disk store system.


Model DHG-9013A DHG-9023A DHG-9053A DHG-9123A DHG-9203A
Electrical data 220V 50HZ
Temperature  Range RT+10-250°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity ±3% (At 100°C)
Chamber dimension
(mm, W*D*H)
250*260*250 340*325*320 420*395*350 550*450*550 600*550*600
External dimension
(mm, W*D*H)
530*480*420 620*540*490 700*610*520 840*670*730 880*765*780
Timer Range 1-9999minutes
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