KDN Semi-automatic Kjeldahl Distillation System

The instrument is composed of digestion furnace (different types for selecting) and azotometer distillatory. The digestion furnace (numeric display model) is controlled by temperature control meter. It adopts infrared radiation heating. Insert the sample into the heating furnace to get the best heating effect. Through the drainpipe and the air-bleed three-way, poisonous gases (e.g. SO2) emitted from the digestion tube could be taken to the cloaca by water (the gases could also be recycled by vacuum pump and recycle bottle) which could control the emitting of poisonous gases and save the installation of ventilated case. Samples could be digested thoroughly in about 40-90 minutes (according to the amount of nitrogen).

Measure variety
foodstuff, feedstuff, foods, dairy products, drink, soil, water, medicine, precipitate, chemical
Working mode
Measure quantity
digest 4~20 pieces of tubes at the same time, adopt single distillation
Recovery rate
≥99% (relative error, including digestion process)
Measure Range
0.1~200mgN (nitrogen content 0.1%-99%)
Repetition rate
relative standard deviation<±1%
Working hours
digestion time: 40-90 minutes, distillation time: 5-15 minutes. (According to different samples, time required is also different.)
AC 220V/50HZ
Cooling water consumption
 digestion: 5L/min
Distillation: 3L/min
(Water temperature is less than 20ºC)
digestion: 4 holes—1000W, 8 holes—1500W, 20 holes—2000W
Distillation: 1000W