KDN-19C Nitrogen Analyzer Distillation Device

Kjeldahl method for the principle applies to food, feed, soil, fertilizer, water, sediment, chemical, dairy, brewing, sugar, pharmaceuticals, coal, and rubber material, such as the determination of crude protein, Accurate testing, safe, reliable, and user-friendly. Electric steam generator, automatically add distilled water, to carry out continuous and constant micro-distillation operations.Senior chip intelligent control, stability and reliability, low operating costs and maximize the operator to ensure the safety, accuracy and precision of the results.

Main Features

● Microcomputer control, adding alkali and distillation time digital display, and countdown function, more intuitive and clear;
● The steam generator has double protection of water shortage to prevent dry burning and improve safety;
● The steam generator has over pressure protection to prevent explosion caused by excessive pressure and improve safety;
● 25% more efficient than the previous generation;
● Double receiving bottle bracket design, better user experience;
● end of detection reminder;
● Water saving function design with environmental protection concept;
● Alkali addition and distillation can be operated separately and easy to operate;
● Automatic memory of the last set parameters;


Measuring range  0.1mg~240.0mg of nitrogen;
Sample Weight The empirical values were 0.3~8.0g of solid and 2.0~30.0ml of liquid;
Precision Relative difference 0.3%;
Reproducibility parallel difference ≤0.2%;
Reclaim rate ≥99.5%;
Determination Speed 3-8min/Sample;
Condensate control Water saving design, program automatic control;
★Steam generator protection Water shortage double protection; over pressure protection;
★Method of adding alkali Special anti-corrosion pump timing injection;
Rated power 1300W;
Working power 220V±10%,50HZ;
Size 412×376×740(mm);
Weight 25kg;
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