S402 Exhausting System

S402 Exhausting System

  • The whole machine adopts mould production, the appearance is simple and generous
  • Using translucent neutralization unit design, easy to observe and easy to replace
  • The suction intensity and negative pressure can be adjusted in real time to avoid acid gas overflow and evacuation
  • Anti-corrosion vacuum pump, with low noise, large suction, reducing exhaust gas emissions, energy saving and environmental protection
  • The triple filtration system of water filtration, alkali neutralization and activated carbon filtration has excellent neutralization and adsorption effects, and can neutralize acid mist and reaction gas generated during Kjeldahl digestion or other processes
  • Using PTFE corrosion-resistant pipeline design, increasing the overall life of the instrument

Technical Data

Temperature range Room temperature +5 – 450℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Heating method Infrared heating and high-purity graphite conduction
Heating insulation method unique air duct insulation technology
Digestion tube capacity 300mL
Capacity per batch 20pcs/batch
Power supply 220 VAC±10% 50HZ
Power 3600W
Dimensions 515mmX421mmX211mm
Net weight 25Kg
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