DS900/DS900S Infrared Sterilizer

1.sterilization only takes 5-7 seconds
2.small volume, light weight
3.easy to clean
4.used in anaerobic chamber
5. wide range of applications (inoculating loop, inoculating needle or culture tube mouth)

Mini Mixer Technical Data
Model DS900 DS900S
Power 110V/220V;150W 110V/220V;240W
The Center High-Temperature 825℃ ± 50℃
Standby Constant Temperature Heating with two gears 400℃ / 850℃
The Max-Diameter Of Sterilizer Goods φ 14mm φ 35mm
The Length Of Sterilizer 150mm 100mm
Heating Time 10min
Working Condition Temperature 5 ~ 40℃
Relative Humidity ≤90%
Dimensions 175*130*185mm 147*130*200mm
Net Weight 1.3kg   1.4kg
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