HS-12/HS-17/HS-19/HSC-19T Magnetic Stirrer

1.Strong magnetic.
2.Aluminum plate conducts heat more uniformly.
3.Anti-corrosion ceramic plate.
4.Safety circuit over temperature protection

Overhead Stirrer Technical Data
Model OS-15Pro OS-30Pro
Motor Brushless Motor
Max amount of stirring(H2O) 10L 20L
RPM 100-2000 rpm 50 – 1200 rpm
Timing 1min – 23h59min
Max torque 15 N.cm 30 N.cm
Max viscosity 8000 mPas 16000 mPas
Clamping diameter range of drill chuck 1 – 8 mm
Power 40W 60W
Voltage AC 100-240V
Size 368*262*162mm
Weight 7.7kg
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