MC-10Pro/MC-12Pro High Speed Centrifuge

1. Have the filtration and voltage regulation function.
2. Run smoothly,precise separation.
3. Small size,but large capacity.
4. Various rotor,and easy to replace.
5.High centrifugal power.
6. Stop quickly.
7. Super low working noise.
8. Low vibration.

Lab Mini Centrifuge Technical Data
Model MC-10Pro MC-12Pro
Control mode PWM electronic speed regulation
Timing 1-99min/1-59sec
Display LCD
Max relative centrifuge force 6780xg 9660xg
Max rotation speed 10000rpm±5% 12000rpm±5%
Max speed acceleration/reduction ≤12s / ≤15s
Noise ≤47db(A)
Input power 48W
Shell protection level AC100-240V / DC24V
Allow surrounding temperature 5-40 ℃ / 80%RH
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