EP100Pro Electronic Pipette

2.Pipetting speed: 25ml in less than 5 seconds.
3.For glass and plastic pippettes from 0.1-100ml.
4.Approx.8 hours of continuours,pipetting.
5.Two modes: gravity draining & eletric draining.
6.Battery pack:Lithium battery 2.4V/700mah.

Electronic pipette controller
Model EP100Pro
Volume range 0.1 – 100ml
Suction speed 25ml<5s(6 grades)
 Draining speed Electric (6 grades)/gravity
 Battery Replaceable lithium battery
 Battery Life  Could work intermittently for about 8 hours
 Charging time Only 2-3 hours
 Type of pipette Plastic or glass pipette (0.1-100ml); Pasteur pipettes
 Filter membrane 0.45μm hydrophobic filter membrane
 Weight 180g
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