Feature & Use:

  • Specially designed head horizontally protruding, it can measure the hardness of tubular parts which can not be measured by general hardness testers, the minimum inner diameter of test piece is 30mm.
  • Automatic “fool” type operation, only one key operation to get result, no need for artificial preload applying, which can avoid human error.
  • The touch-screen interface, easy to operate, multi-language version
  • Electric loading without weights, closed-loop control, no need for installation.
  • Test force can be automatically corrected by standard force meter.
  • Automatically apply the initial load and main load.
  • All Rockwell & superficial Rockwell scales, total 30 types.
  • For all Rockwell scales, hardness value is automatically corrected in high, medium and low three sections.
  • Set password to protect setting parameters; keeping more samples and test information.
  • More information of sample and testing. Data stored in USB flash disk, EXCEL format, easy for editing and processing.
  • Powerful data processing functions. Various hardness scales conversion of HR, HB, HV etc. Acceptable range setting, over-range alert, operator name and sample name input etc.
  • Modular design, easy maintenance. Modern and beautiful appearance, stable structure.

It’s suitable to determine the Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell hardness of ferrous metals, alloy steel and hard alloy, as well as treated layers of metal surface, such as carburized layer, nitrided layer and electroplated coating, etc. It is especially suitable for testing of tubular parts.

Technical Parameters:

Model HRSS-150XC
Rockwell initial load 10kgf (98.07N)
Superficial Rockwell initial load 3.0Kgf (29.4N)
Rockwell total load 60kgf (588.4N), 100kgf (980.7N), 150kgf (1471N)
Superficial Rockwell total load 15kgf (147.1N), 30kgf (249.2N), 45kgf (441.3N)
Rockwell hardness scales HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH, HRK,  HRL, HRM, HRR, HRP, HRS, HRV
Superficial Rockwell hardness scales HR15N, HR15T, HR15W, HR15X, HR15Y, HR30N, HR30T, HR30W, HR30X, HR 30Y, HR45N, HR45T, HR45W, HR45X, HR45Y
Rockwell hardness testing range HRA:20-95, HRBW:10-100, HRC: 20-70, HRD: 40-77, HRE: 70-100, HRF: 60-100, HRG: 30-94, HRH: 80-100, HRK: 40-100, HRL: 100-120, HRM: 85-115, HRR: 114-125
Superficial Rockwell hardness testing range HR15N: 70-94, HR30N: 42-86, HR45N: 20-77,

HR15TW: 67-93, HR30TW: 29-82, HR45TW: 10-72

Hardness conversion Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, etc.
Executive standard BSEN 6508, ISO 6508, ASTM E18, GB/T230
Max Height of Sample 220mm
Depth of throat 200mm
Dwelling time 1-99s
Hardness unit 0.1HR
Load value error <0.5%
Hardness reading LCD display
Data output Data stored in USB flash disk, EXCEL format
Power supply AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz, single phase
Overall dimensions 560×220×750mm
Net weight About 70kg

Standard Accessories:

Name Quantity Name Quantity
Diamond Rockwell Indenter 1 1.5875mm Ball Indenter 1
Hardness block (HRC High, Low, HRB, HR15N, HR30N, HR30T) 6 Large, Medium, “V” shaped Testing Table 1 for each
Fuse 2A 2 Level adjusting bolt 4
Power line 1 Plastic Dustproof cover 1
USB flash disk, touch pen 1 for each Operating instruction, Product certificate 1  for each
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