HN-S12A Tabletop High Speed Micro Hematocrit centrifuge

Product Description
1. Micro hematocrit centrifuge is for measuring specific product values of blood cell and separating micro blood and solution. High speed and efficient, safety lid lock.
2. As a manufacturer, we can offer most reasonable prices
3. More than over 20 year’s history that we will provide products with high quality
4. Reliable and experienced delivery agent
5. We can develop according to customer’s samples or drawings.
Power Supply: AC 220/110V± 10% 50/60Hz
Power Output: 100W
Max Speed: 12000rpm, Fine brush motor
Max RCF: 15300xg, Disc rotor
Timer: 0~30min
Capacity: diameter1.5mm x 75mm(24capillaries)


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