Class III Biosafety Cabinet

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BSC-1500IIIX BSC-Biological Safety Cabinet Class III

1. Complete sealed
Front window is sealed, and with pairs of gloves connecting to the operation area, the product is transferred by the delivery window. And there is no out-connected valve.

2. 100% exhaust
100% air exhaust, no air re-circulation, and the air are exhausted by three ULPA filters and to the room directly. If the air needs to be exhausted to outdoors, another out connected duct need to be ordered, and extra duct and motor are required.

3. Complete negative pressure
The two motors design makes the interior of the cabinet is complete negative pressure, and can reach -274pa, triple layers filter film, ensures operation’s security, neither substance nor polluted air will leak out.

According to the performance criteria:
1. US Standard ANSI/NSF49: 2002
2. European Standard EN12469: 2000
3. Chinese Standard YY0569-2005


Model: BSC-1500IIIX

External Size (W*D*H)
1340*850*2100 mm
Internal Size (W*D*H)
1240*650*650 mm
Pass Box Size
Internal Size: 400*390*340 mm
External Size: 480*400*400 mm
One pair 800mm butyl rubber gloves
Work Surface: 304 stainless steel
Body: Expoxy coated cold-rolled steel
Air Velocity
More than 355 cfm
Negative Work Zone Pressure
– 274 Pa
Main Filter
Air supply filter: ULPA filter   99.999% efficient(0.1-0.3 microns)
First exhaust filter: ULPA filter 99.999% efficient(0.1-0.3 microns)
Second exhaust filter: ULPA filter 99.999% efficient(0.1-0.3 microns)
< 65 dB
Front Window
Toughened glass, thickness is no less than 8 mm
Visual and audio alarm
> 800 lux
UV lamp
UV lamp for sterilization
110V ~ 240V/50Hz~60Hz(Optional)
Packaging Size
2000*1000*2220 mm
Gloves, fluorescent light, UV lamp, exhaust motor and exhaust duct

Air Flow Pattern and Protected Area

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