Main Features: 

  • Touch-screen interface, easy operation, multiple languages.
  • Boot without weights and no installation.
  • Automatic loading, closed-loop control.
  • Tester Force value: 1-62.5 kg, a total of 10 stalls force.
  • Exterior lighting, to ensure the focus is sharp, accurate measurement (such as using the traditional internal lighting, due to inability to determine the position of the focal plane, resulting indentation size can not be measured accurately, can not be identified through a third party).
  • Automatic loading, unloading.
  • Automatic turret, switching between indenter and objective test point automatic positioning accuracy
  • Using 5X, 10X dual-lens, hardness values are automatically calculated and digital display, automatic storage.
  • The use of 5X, 10X dual-lens, hardness values were corrected by software errors can be automatically entered.
  • Chinese enter and save the detailed information of samples and tests.
  • U disk for saving data to EXCEL format for easy editing and processing.
  • Using a modular design for easy maintenance.

Application areas:

Metallurgy ,metrology, Building materials, research institutes ,hardening shops, stainless steel, automotive, railway, energy, steel, aviation , roller plants, tube rolling mills, foundries,

Technical parameters:


Test Force (Kg) 1, 2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 15.625, 25, 30, 31.25, 62.5 Kg

Total 10 types

Ball Diameter (mm) 1mm, 2.5mm, 5mm
Objective, indenter switching Automatic
Test force Automatic unloading test force
Test force dwell time 0 ~ 99S (one unit per second)
Objective magnification 5X, 10X
Illumination Exterior lighting, each lens comes with a light source
Eyepiece magnification 10X (automatic digital encoder)
Minimum test unit 0.25μm
Data correction Each lens, automatic correction respectively
Hardness test range 4-650HBW
Maximum specimen height 180mm
Indenter wall distance 160mm
Data output U disk
Power supply AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 720*190*650mm
Weight 50Kg

Standard Accessories:

Item Quantity Item Quantity
Digital measuring eyepiece 1 Brinell Hardness block 2 pcs.
Power cord 1 Large, medium,

V-type testing bench

1 pc. for each
USB flash disk 1 Fuses 2 pcs.
Manufacturer certificate 1 Operation Instruction 1
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