HBS-3000T Brinell Hardness Tester (Touch Screen, Digital)

HBS-3000T  Touch Screen digital brinell  Hardness Tester

Feature & Use
*  Test force loading by weights, the testing is accurate, reliable and durable, high testing efficiency.
*  Large 8” touch screen, direct visual display and interactive operating interface.
* High speed ARM processor, fast operation speed and extensive database storage.
* High quality integral casting cast iron machine body with automotive paint treatment process, the appearance is smooth and beautiful.
* Built-in hardness conversion scales, which can realize full hardness scale conversion.
* The maximum and minimum hardness values can be set, when the test value exceeds the set range, an alarm sound will be issued.
* Automatic hardness value correction, the hardness value can be directly corrected
within a certain range.
*  With the database function, the test data can be saved automatically in groups, each
group can save 10 data, totally can save more than 2000 data.
* With the hardness value curve display function, intuitively display the changes of hardness value.
* Equipped with wireless blue-tooth printer, the data can be output through RS232 or USB interface.
* CCD image processing system or video measuring apparatus is optional.
* Precision conforms to GB/T 231.2, ISO 6506-2 and ASTM E10

It’s suitable to determine the Brinell hardness of unquenched steel, cast iron,
non-ferrous metals and soft bearing alloys, etc.
Main interface:

Measuring range: 5-650HBW
Test force: 187.5, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000kgf
(1838.8, 2415.8, 4903.5, 7355.3, 9807, 14710.5, 29421N)
Hardness resolution: 0.1 HBW
Eyepiece magnification: 20X
Objective lens magnification: 1X
Total magnification: 20X
Max. height of test piece: 280mm
Depth of throat: 150mm
Dwelling time: 1~99s
Power supply: 220V AC or 110V AC, 50 or 60Hz
Dimensions: 700 x 268 x 980mm
Weight: approx. 210kg

Standard accessories:
Large flat anvil: 1 pc.
Small flat anvil: 1 pc.
V-notch anvil: 1 pc.
Tungsten carbide ball penetrator: Φ2.5, Φ5, Φ10mm, 1 pc. for each
Brinell standardized block: 2 pcs.

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