GHCS-1000A Grain weight

Bulk density is one of the necessary inspection items for grain purchase. Grain bulk density device is developed according to the requirements of GB1353-2009 “Corn” New International for measuring grain bulk density and GB/T5498 “Grain and Oil and Oil Inspection Bulk Density Tester Method”. It is used to measure wheat, corn, etc. The professional instrument for grain weight is also called wheat weight and corn weight.

Characteristics of the grain volumetric instrument

1. It can measure not only small grain grains such as millet, wheat, sorghum, but also large grain grains such as corn and soybeans.
2. Easy operation, high accuracy and fast measurement speed.

Technical Parameters

Maximum working weight 1000±2g
Weighing resolution 1g
Volume of bulk density cylinder 1000±1.5ml
Working voltage AC220V ±10V50Hz
Working environment temperature  5℃-40℃, relative humidity: <90%RH
The diameter of the blanking port 30mm for small particles and 40mm for large particles
Measurement method combined measurement
Dimensions 530*230*405mm
Weight 12kg
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