GC112A Gas chromatography

Main Features 

  • Synchronous bidirectional control with touch screen on the GC112A
  • The 7-inch color touch screen on the GC112A can display the flow rate and pressure value of the electronics gas path.
  • The multi core, 32-bit embedded hardware system ensures the reliable operation of the instrument
  • One key start up function.
  • The extendable synchronous external trigger function can initiate GC112A and workstation through external signals, such as automatic sampling device thermal analyzer and so on.
  • The instrument has sound system self-checking function and malfunction automatic identification function.
  • The instrument has 8 external event interface with extendable function, which can work with a variety of functional control valve, performing according to the set timing.
  • The memory function can store 20-sample test modes
  • RS232 communication port and LAN port.
  • N2000 chromatography workstation.


  • Inside capacity: 22L
  • Temperature range: room temperature up 5°C-400°C
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.1 C
  • Program total time: 9999.9 min
  • Max heating rate: 0.1-60 C/min
  • Max cooling rate: ≤ 10mins (250°C-50°C)

Sample Injector

  • Temperature range: room temperature up 7 °C~420°C
  • Temp control type: independent
  • Carriers gas flow control type: constant pressure
  • Max quantity: 3pcs
  • Type: packed column or split
  • Split ratio: display
  • Pre column pressure range: -0-400kpa
  • Pre column pressure accuracy: 0.1kpa
  • Flow setting range: H2 0-200ml/min/- N2 0-150ml/min


  • FID or TCD                                                                                                Base noise: ≤ 5×10‾14 A
  • Temperature Range: room temperature up 7°C~420°C                 Baseline draft: ≤6×10‾13 A
  • Max installation Qty: 2                                                                           Dynamic range: 10 ⁷
  • Ignition model: automatic                                                                      RSD: ≤3%
  • Hydrogen Flame Ionization Detector (FID)                                        Sensitivity : 8000mV.ml/mg (sample

logarithmic amplifier                                                                               n-hexadecane)
High Voltage Switch Control                                                                  Baseline noise: ≦0.5mV
Baseline signal display                                                                            Baseline draft: ≦0.15mV/30min
Detection limit: ≦3×10-¹² g/s (sample n-hexadecane)                  Dynamic range: 10 ⁵

Overall Dimension & Weight

  •       Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±0.5Hz, 3000W
  •      Package size: 735mmx725mmx835mm
  •      G.W:82kg
  •       N.W : 70kg

Technical Features
● 7-inch color touch screen, carrier/hydrogen/air channel flow (pressure) digital display.
● Gas shortage alarm protection function; Heating control protection function (when opening the door of the column box, the motor of the column box fan and the heating system will shut down automatically).
● Split flow/split ratio can be automatically controlled to save carrier gas.
● Configure automatic sampler installation and positioning interface to match automatic sampler of various specifications.
● The multi-core, 32-bit embedded hardware system ensures the reliable operation of the instrument.
● One-button start function, with 20 groups of sample test mode memory function.
● Using logarithmic amplifier, detection signal no cut-off value, good peak shape, extensible synchronous external trigger function, can be started by external signals (automatic sampler, thermal analyzer, etc.) at the same time the host and workstation.
● It has perfect system self-check function and fault automatic identification function.
● With 8 external event extension function interface, can be selected with various function control valves, and according to their own set time sequence work.
● RS232 communication port and LAM network port, and the configuration of data acquisition card.

● Content product: 22L
● Temperature control range: 5℃ ~ 400℃ at room temperature
● Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃
● Heating rate: 0.1 ~ 60℃ / min
● Program temperature rise order: 9
● Program heating repeatability: ≤ 2%
● Cooling way: open the door after
● Cooling speed: ≤10 mins (250℃ ~ 50℃)

Sampler Injector
● Temperature control range: 7℃ ~ 420℃ at room temperature
● Temperature control method: independent temperature control
● Carrier gas flow control mode: constant pressure
● Number of simultaneous installations: 3 at most
● Type of injection unit: filling column, shunt
● Split ratio: split ratio display
● Cylinder pressure range: 0 ~ 400kPa
● Cylinder pressure control accuracy: 0.1kPa
● Flow setting range: H2 0 ~ 200ml / min N2 0 ~ 150ml / min

● FID, TCD optional
● Temperature control: Max. 420℃
● Number of simultaneous installations: 2 at most
● Ignition function: automatic
● Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)
Detection limit: ≤ 3×10-12 g/s (n-hexadecane)
Baseline noise: ≤ 5× 10-14A
Baseline drift: ≤ 6× 10-13A
Dynamic range: 107
RSD: 3% or less
● Thermal conductivity detector (TCD) :
Sensitivity: 5000mV•mL/mg (n-cetane)
Baseline noise: ≤ 0.05 mV
Baseline drift: ≤ 0.15mV / 30min
Dynamic range: 105
● Supply voltage: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±0.5Hz
● Power: 3000W

● N2000 chromatography workstation
● Packed column
● Capillary column


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