752N Plus UV-VIS Spectrophotometer / 722N/721N VIS Spectrophotometer

Wavlength range : 200-1000nm (752N), 325-1000nm (722N)
Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm
Wavelength repeatability: ≤1nm
Spectrum bandwidth: 2nm (752N), 4nm(722N)

  • Sample compartment for 5-50mm cuvettes
  • Precise automatic T/A changeover
  • Automatic zero and full scale adjustment
  • 7-inch multi color touch-screen ( 752N Plus and 722N )
  • Equipped with USB port
  • Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function
  • Automatic light gate technology to protect photoelectric sensors

Common Features

  1. The holographic blazed grating monochromator has the advantages of high wavelength accuracy, good monochromaticity and low stray light.
  2. 7-inch multi color touch-screen, good human-computer interface. ( 752N Plus and 722N )
  3. Linear regression method and coefficient method are added to the concentration test method.
  4. USB interface is added, and large capacity memory can store 30 concentration curves.
  5. Adopt microcomputer measurement system, with high conversion accuracy of T-A, automatic adjustment of
    0% T and 100% T, concentration factor setting and concentration direct reading.
  6. High accuracy, Good Reproducibility and Stability of Measurement Readings.
  7. Automatic light gate technology, No need blackbody, to protect the photoelectric sensor.


752N Plus 722N 721N
Photometry                             Single Beam
Monochromator Type                              Czemy-Turner
Detector                              160mm
Wavelength Setting                               1200 lines/mm
Wavelength Range                 Silicon  Photocell
Wavelength Accuracy                          Manual Turn Knob
Wavelength Repeatability                         ±2nm
Spectrum Bandwidth                           ≤1nm
Stray Light                2nm 5nm
Photometric Range 0-100.0%T       0-1.999A           0-1999C
 Photometric Accuracy                               ±0.5%T
Photometric Repeatability                               ≤0.2%T
Noise  100%  (T) noise ≤0.3%(T)     0% (T)  noise ≤2%(T)
Cuvette Holder Size                               10 mm
Power  AC220V±22V  50hz  ±1Hz,120W  AC 220V±22V 50Hz  ±1Hz,80W
Packaging Size                             580mmx460mmx345mm  0.1M3
G.W.                  16.5kg 12.5kg

Standard Accessories                                                            Optional  Accessories
User manual                1pc                                                             Thermal printer
Glass cuvette 1cm      4pcs                                                            Cuvette holder 50mm
Quartz cuvette 1cm   2pcs (752n plus only)                              Spectrum Data Processing Software
Power cable                 1pc
Fuse                              2pcs


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Manual of 722N & 752N Plus.