ET-V1 Vertical Electrophoresis tank

Vertical electrophoresis is used for separation, purification and preparation of nucleic acid and protein samples in life science research.


* Easy installation

* Auto-switch off when the lid is removed

* Sample background color design, adding the sample conveniently

* Abundant buffer not only guarantees cooling effects, but also keeps the PH value stable during the whole experiment process

* With the gel making device of normal position, don’t should to moving the glass plate from the process of making gel   to electrophoresis, convenient for oberservation the gel preparation from the glass on both sides, ensures fast set up times and leak-free operation

* Recommended power supply: BPS-2

Model ET-V1
Gel Tray (W*L) 100*100mm
Gel Trays(W*L): 82*88mm
Comb Thickness 0.75, 1.0 &1.5mm
Comb Throughput 11, 15 samples
Amount of Gel: 1~2 piece
NO. of Samples 11~30
Buffer Volume 750ml
Standard Accessories Body tank with electrode*1, Gel casting base*1, Notched glass plates*4,

0.75mm bonded glass spacer*2,  1.0mm bonded glass spacer*2,

1.5mm bonded glass spacer*2,   0.75 mm thickness11 wells comb*2,

1.0mm thickness11 wells comb*2, 1.5mm thickness 11 wells comb* 2,

0.75mm thickness 15 wells comb*2, 1.0mm thickness 15wells comb*2,

1.5mm thickness 15wells comb*2, Gel shovel*1, Clamp version*2, Dummy plate*1

External Size (L*W*H) 150*120*115mm
Package Size(L*W*H) 370*300*220mm
Gross Weight 2kg

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