JZ_HJ-6B/ HJ-6D Liulian constant temperature magnetic heating mixer


Product name Four/six-in-one    Magnetic heated stirrer Four/six-in-one    Magnetic heated stirrer
Model HJ-6B HJ6-D
Speed range Start up ~1600rpm          stepless speed adjustment Start up ~1600rpm          stepless speed adjustment
Temperature range RT+5~99°C RT+5~99°C
Heating power 4/6x120W 4/6x120W
Stirring power 4/6x25W 4/625W
Platform Dimension 4/6Ø120mm 4/6Ø120mm
Capacity 4/6×100~1000ml 4/6×100~1000ml
Timer 0~120min (or with no limit)
Voltage 110V 60Hz/220V 50Hz
Characteristic Digital display temperature Digital display temperature and speed
Dimension (mm) 660/720x300x125 760/1060xx300x125
Package (mm) 710/1030x380x220 860/1110/x400x22
G.W 13kg 13kg
N.W 12kg 12kg
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