DY89-II Glass Homogenizer

Adjustable Speed Glass Homogenizer

Glass Homogenizer

On the principle of grinding mechanism, the system is designed to homogenize the animal
and plant tissue in a soft manner, so as to get the cytoplasm and mitochondria for experiment.
Applicable to biology, pharmacy, agriculture and other areas. It has the characteristics of a low
speed, high torque ,no noise etc.

Speed 50-2200r.p.m adjustable Optional accessories 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 50ml
Maximum Power 150W Display mode Digital
R.P.M display Yes Net weight 12Kg
Accessories 10ml.20ml each one Packing size 345*345*710mm

Glass homogenizer material: high borosilicate glass

Uses: The role of the glass homogenizer: let the glass tube and the plunger between the tiny gap and the fine concave and convex,

When the plunger is rotated, the milling effect is produced, so that the biological cells and other hard cell tissues are easily crushed.

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