Cu-US Copper Electrode

Copper ion selective electrode, range: 0.006 to 6400ppm.

• Combination copper ion selective electrode
• No reference electrode needed
• Solid state sensors Ideal for unskilled operatives
• No filling solution required
• Can be left dry for long periods
• Long lifetime


   Model Cu-US
   Concentration Range 1×10-8 to 0.1M, 0.006 to 6400ppm
   pH Range 2 to 12pH
   Operating Temperature 0 to 80°C/32 to 176°F
   Interferences Ag+, Hg2+, S2-, Fe2, Cl, Br
   Body Type Epoxy
   Dimensions 120(L)×12(Dia.)mm
   Connector BNC
   Cable Length 1m
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