ECscan10 Pocket Conductivity Tester



  • Single range conductivity tester is equipped with a platinum electrode.
  • 1 point push-button calibration allows using the custom calibration solutions.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation ensures the accurate measuring results.
  • Hold function freezes reading momentarily for easy viewing.
  • Auto-Power Off effectively conserves battery life.
  • Replaceable electrode module reduces the maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Waterproof feature to ensure complete protection in harsh environments.


  • ECscan10L tester: suitable for measuring the low conductivity liquids.
  • ECscan10M tester: suitable for general applications.
  • ECscan10H tester: suitable for measuring the high conductivity liquids.

Meter Includes

Conductivity standard solution (146.5/uS/cm, 1413,uS/cm, 12.88mS/cm), plastic box or carrying case.

ConductivityMeasuring Range1.0~199.9µS/cm10~1999µS/cm0.1~19.99mS/cm
Accuracy±1% F.S±1% F.S±1% F.S
Calibration Points1 point1 point1 point
Calibration Solutions146.5µS/cm1413µS/cm12.88mS/cm
Temperature Compensation0~50°C0~50°C0~50°C
Temperature Coefficient2%/ C2%/ C2%/ C
Reference Temperature25 C25 C25 C
Cell ConstantK=1, platinum conductivity cellK=1, platinum conductivity cellK=1, platinum conductivity cell
Hold FunctionManualManualManual
DisplaySingle-display LCDSingle-display LCDSingle-display LCD
Power Requirements3×1.5V G13A batteries3×1.5V G13A batteries3×1.5V G13A batteries



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