CS-260 Colorimeter

CS-260 Color card reading colorimeter can read the color samples and display the most similar color card number. It’s widely used in printing, printing and dyeing, clothing, decoration, design, construction, Home Furnishing, food industry etc..
CS-260 Color card reading colorimeter also has chromatic instrument function, it can test the surface of L, a, B, L*C*h, E*ab, XYZ, relative RGB values, Hunter whiteness, Ganz whiteness, YI equivalent and distinguish color aberration easily.

Technical Parameters

Color measurement Color card
Illumination systen 8°/d(8°/diffused illumination),specular component included(SCI)
Display modes Colorimetric values: L*a*b,L*C*h,△E*ab,XYZ,relative RGB values; Color difference values: △(L*a*b),△(L*C*h); Whiteness values:hunter whiteness,ganz whiteness; Yellowness value:YI
Measuring caliber About 8mm
Measuring conditions CIE 10° standard observer; CIE D65 light source
Measuring range L*:1-100
Repeatability Standard deviation within△E*ab*,0.08(condition: measure the white calibration board 30 times for average
Storage 100 sets of standard samples; up to 100 under each standard sample
Measuring time About 0.5 seconds
Measuring light source Halogen lamp
Interface languages Chinese,English
Power source Four AA1.5V Alkaline battery or nickel-metal hydride batterys;Exclusive DC5V adapter
port USB 2.0, printer
weight 550g
Size 77×86×210mm

1、Test your sample, you can get the closest color card number.
2、Apply to many different types the color card.
3、Display precision 0.01
4、Repeatability precision ΔE standard deviation 0.08
5、Test parameters:
Colorimetric values: L*a*b,L*C*h,△E*ab,XYZ,relative RGB values;
Color difference values: △(L*a*b),△(L*C*h);
Whiteness values:hunter whiteness, ganz whiteness
Yellowness value:YI
6、Storage: 100 sets of standard samples; up to 100 under each standard sample.
7、2.4-inch-wide color screen.

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