COD-HX12 COD Digestion Apparatus

COD-HX12 COD Thermostatic heater is a kind of recirculation heater which USES air condensation instead of water condensation to measure chemical oxygen consumption.

It can be widely used in environmental protection, colleges and universities, medicine, health, food, tap water, chemical industry, sewage treatment, paper making, petrochemical, metallurgy, printing and dyeing industries, so that the measurement of COD is efficient, rapid and economical.

Main technical indicators

1. The temperature ranges: 32 ° C to 399 ° C
2. Accuracy: plus or minus 2 ° C
3. The heating time: (170 ° C) < 30 min
4. Temperature setting: 0-99 hours; 0-99 minutes; 0-99 second segment adjustable
5. Power: 1.2kw
6. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
7. Heating holes :12


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