CHP Ceramic HotPlate


  • Introduction

This apparatus is our factory’s another research result after the DB series hotplates. It is an ideal analysis measurement instrument for heating and stirring liquid, which has the special virtue of auto-controlling constant temperature. It adopts ceramic heating plate, direct current brushless machine, having the characteristics of low crackling, little mechanical breakdown and steady timing. The agitation machine is made from Fluorine material and all wool and a yard wide alnico, which has the merit of high temperature resistant, antifriction, chemical corrosion resistant and high rotary force. It is very perfect and convenient to carry out mixing in the sealed container.

  • Technical index
  1. Power source: 220V±10% 50Hz±2%
  2. Heating power: ≤1000W
  3. Range of temperature controlled: RT+5~300℃±1℃
  4. Timer: 0-999min
  5. Heating plate size:14*17cm