BSC-3FA2/BSC-4FA2EN Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

This cabinet defined as class II A2 type microbiological safety cabinet. It totally meets that international standard for biological cabinet EN 12469:2000 standard. Microbiological safety cabinet is a kind of negative pressure filtration system for protecting operator, the laboratory environment and work material.


I.7-inch large touch color display: touch operation, real-time and clearer display of various values of the safety cabinet, dynamic air flow pattern diagram, fault alarm sound and light prompt.

2.The power-on password can be set to prevent mis-operation by irrelevant personnel.

3.Automatically adjust the wind speed.

4.Power-off memory, restore the state before power-off, and have a visual reminder to alarm.

5.Side windows on both sides for easy observation.

6.The operation area is integrally formed, which is easy to disassemble and clean.

7.A breeze speed sensor is equipped at the working area and the outer exhaust air outlet to detect the wind speed in real time.

8.It can be used both manually and electrically, and the glass door can be pulled down to close the front window when the power is off.

9.The cabinet is separated from the base. The height of the adjustable base can be customized.

10.Interlocking function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and fan, fluorescent lamp; fan and front window.

II.It has an appointment timing function, which can automatically set the timing of turning on, turning off and the running time of the UV lamp, fan, and socket.

12.The closing of the front window can double trigger the signal, so that the sterilization and disinfection function of the UV lamp can be turned on normally.

13.The cabinet is designed with a 10° inclination angle, which conforms to the principle of ergonomics, has a larger viewing angle, is easy to operate and is more user-friendly.

14.Anti-paper dust structure at the air inlet to prevent paper dust from entering the air cavity.

15.Split countertop is easier to clean.

16.One button front window lifting function.


External Size(W*D*H) 1087*800*2260mm 1383*800*2260mm
Internal Size(W*D*H) 980*600*650mm 1280*600*650mm
Work Surface Height 750mm
Max Opening 500mm
Tested Opening 200mm
Airflow volume




370m³/h(218cfm) 490m³/h(289cfm)
Down flow 65%:690 m³/h(406cfm) 65%:910 m³/h(536cfm)
Exhaust 35%:370m³/h(218cfm) 35%:490m³/h(289cfm)
Front Window Manual and electric, glass thickness> 5mm, anti-ultraviolet
ULPA Filter 2pcs, filtration efficiency for 0.12um particles299.9995%
Illumination ≥1000Lux
Noise EN12469≤65dB
Display Color Touch Screen
European Standard Socket 230V, 3A
Power Supply AC 230V, 50/60HZ
Rated Power 1100W 1200W
Alarm Alarm for abnormal wind speed, alarm for glass door not at safe height, alarm for abnormal power failure
Motor AC single fan,

Adjustable speed, high efficiency, low power

Material Working Area: 304 stainless steel, side window glass;

Frame and decorative plate: cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating

LED Lamp 12W*2 14W*2
UV Lamp 20W 30W
Standard Accessory Cabined, Base stand*1, LED lamp*2, UV lamp*1, S.S. water tap*1, S.S. gas tap*1, Drain ball valve*1,European Standard Socket*2, Remote control, Foot Switch
Optional Accessory Arm rest, Formalin fumigation sterilizer, Infrared sterilizer, Electric height adjustable base stand, S.S. water tap*1, S.S. gas tap*1
Package Size (W*D*H) 1240*1060*1880mm 1530*1060*1880mm
Gross Weight 270kg 345kg



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