Blood Collection Monitor

The Blood Collection Monitor can avoid artificial error and physical damages effectively to the blood to ensure the

livability of active ingredients in the blood during collection.

It is mainly used for blood collection organizations.


* Unique modern sensor and LED display.

* Preset volume of blood collection function.

* Taring and calibrating function, ensure measuring accuracy.

* Soft shaking mode, improving the survival of effective components in the blood.

* Shaking auto stops when bags are taken away during collection and restart working after bags are remounted.

* If collection volume is preset, the balance will stop shaking when there is 10ml gap and get into accurate measuring status.

* Automatic alarm when reaching the preset value.

* Humanization design and reasonable structure is convenient for operation.

Model BCM-12A BCM-12B
Measuring Range 0~1200ml
Measuring Accuracy 2%
Display Accuracy 1ml
Liquid Proportion 1.05g/ml
Collection Speed 0.5~3ml/s
Swing Frequency 30~32 r/min
Swing Angle 13±2°
Alarm Audio and visual alarm Audio and visual alarm with interrupter
Interrupter Thrust ——  ≤14N
Power Consumption 12W 40W
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
External Size(W*D*H) mm 218*172*160 275*230*210
Packing Size(W*D*H) mm 310*260*210 350*270*260
Net Weight(kg) 2.8 3.3
Gross Weight(kg) 4.1 4.6
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