BE-1100 Four-Dimensional Rotating

BE-1100 four-dimensional rotary mixer is a uniquely designed instrument that can mix samples in various sample tubes by rotating horizontally, vertically or at any angle. By adjusting the rotating panel, the product can be rotated horizontally or vertically or at an angle between the two. It is widely used in molecular hybridization, blood and other samples that need to be mixed. The rotating speed is gentle. In addition, the product is located on the rotating panel. The four clamps can be adjusted individually, so that there can be four different mixing methods in one mixing.


The instrument is small and light, it can be easily transferred to different places, such as laboratory bench, cold storage or incubator. The housing and rotating panel of the instrument are specially designed, which is very convenient for cleaning and decontamination.

● Unique adjustable rotating frame combination

● Various rotation methods, from gentle rotation to somersault rotation

● Widely used in molecular biology, histochemistry, biochemistry, clinical applications, etc.

● Provide 5 kinds of centrifuge tube clamps, which greatly meet the experimental requirements

● When rotating, lightly press the centrifuge tube clamp with your hand to achieve forward and reverse rotation

● Can be used in cold storage and incubator


Power supply: 220V/50HZ
Power: 40W
Rotating speed: 18rpm
Dimension: 240×145×210mm
Temperature range: +4-65℃
Weight: 1KG
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