KJ201C Microplate Shaker

◎ Elastic silicon plate, easy to clean and wear-resisting. It can fit various kinds of cell plates. 6pcs of cell culture plates can be mixed at one time. High performance & low noise AC motor to make rapid and thorough mixing.
◎ Adjustable knob design can ensure step-less speed adjustment and constant run within 60 min.

Technical Data:
Operation method:  Circling
Circling diameter: 9mm
Voltage: AC 220V±10% (50/60Hz)
Power rating: 10 W
Oscillating Frequency:  200-2800rpm
Timing range:  0-15min
Operate mode:  Timing / Continuous
Max. loading: 6 pcs microplate
Working plate size (6 plates):  278×270mm
(1 plate): 128×86mm
Dimensions:  310×280×225mm
Net. Weight: 6.2Kg

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