KJMR-III Multi-Mixer has the capability to perform three modes of mixing, all of which are programmable. It is very simple to operate within seconds. It can mix variable substance such as blood sample, urine sample, injectant, blood plasma etc.

Mixing method:
1. Rotation: Rotate 360 , clockwise, anticlockwise or clockwise and anticlockwise alternately.
2. Vibration: Shake up and down.
3. Vortex: Swirl the samples according to the mode of vortex.

Voltage : 220v±10% 50/60Hz
Speed: 5-30r/m
Working plate 1: 1.5ml-15ml tube in 22pcs
Working plate 2: 50ml tube in 6pcs, 1.5ml-15ml tube in 4pcs as spare parts
Moving angle: 15°-90° (per 15° as a shift)
Vortex angle: 1°-5°
Maximum working time: 12 hours
External Dimension: 380*182*190mm

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