Auto Coagulation Analyzer

BK1000 series full-automatic blood coagulation analyzer perform tests by coagulation and immunoturbidimetric method, mainly used in emergency test of medium to high-end customers, also better meets the demand for automatic test of small customers.

①.Optical coagulation testing theory, PT derived FIB function.

②.With automatic and manual dual-mode test functions.

③.Use tilt reagent position, avoide wasting.

④.With LED lighting function.

⑤.Sampling probe with liquid level sensor and constant heating function,avoid cross-contamination.

Model BK1000A BK1000B BK1000C
Analysis Method Coagulation method Coagulation method,Immunoturbidimetry
Analysis Items PT, APTT, TT, FIB PT, APTT, TT, FIB, DD, FDP
Throughput 140 Tests/hour 160 Tests/hour
SamplePositions 5 6
Tilt ReagentPosition 6 6 refrigerated reagentposition 11 refrigerated reagentposition
Interchangeable ReagentPosition / Yes
SampleProbe Liquid level sensor and constant heating function
calibration Automatic or manual calibration
Lighting LED
Alarm Abnormal test results alarm, insufficient cleaning fluid alarm, waste liquid overflow alarm
STAT Function Emergency sample available
Software Windows 7/8/10 or above, LIS system available
PowerSupply AC220V±10% 60/50Hz; 110V±10% 60Hz,300W
PackageSize (W*D*H) 630*610*520mm
GrossWeight 35kg

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