US-120 Urinary Sediment Analysis System


①.Automatic focusing function, no need of focusing liquid.

②.Sample waiting area can accommodate 0 samples at a time.

③.Automatic orbital 10-tube sample racks continuous sampling.

④.Single needle, 4-channel sampling design, equivalent to 4 instruments in testing.

⑤.Use of planar flow technique, medical image information fusion technology and intelligence visual recognition technology.


Model US-120
Test Speed 120Tests/hour
Counting Cell Four channels
Sample Volume ≥2.5ml
Sampling Volume 0.5ml
Sensitivity <10/μl
Repeatability(CV) <10%
Pollution Rate <0.05%
False Negative Rate <3%
Recognition Rate >95%
Data Storage 200,000 results
Language English. Other languages on request
Printe External printer
Working Environment 18~30℃
Power Supply AC220±10%, 50/60Hz; 110±10%,60Hz


Gross Weight 100kg



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