AL-01 contains AP-01P,FB-10T.

Widely used in gravimeter, microanalysis, colloid dispersion and bacteria-free experiment, the AL-01 Solvent Filtration Apparatus filtrates and degas the mobile phase of HPLC analysis. Playing a critical role in lifetime dilation of the apparatus and HPLC column, the AL-01 Solvent Filtration Apparatus can enhance measurement accuracy.

Filtration Bottles
These elegant Filtration Bottles comes with many advantages as a result of their high-quality and hard-glass materials. All filtration bottles have high-pressure endurance, fabulous interchange ability, and well-proportional wall. They come in international standard sizes that match most of the famous foreign brands of products.

The Vacuum/Pressure Pump
The Vacuum Pressure Pump has high-working efficiency while producing very little noise. Offered in two types of vacuum: Steady Pressure Pump and Adjustable Pressure Pump.

Solvent Pickup Adaptor
The newly designed Solvent Pickup Adaptor filtrates and/or collects solvent directly from solvent bottle through film of filter. This new design allows the process of filtrating easier, dramatically increases effectiveness, and reduces air pollution.

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