40KHz/60KHz or other special frequency two steps of conversion is more suitable for different purposes (with the letter D models);

40KHz ultrasonic frequencies can provide strong power;
60KHz reflect the low noise and fine cleaning;

The degassing effect of the regulatory function is particularly suitable for the different viscosity of the solvent degassing;
Incidental grid and noise reduction cover

Model:  AS5150B/BD
Dimensions (mm): 320W x 175L x 290H
Slot dimensions (mm):   300W x 150L x 150D
Volume (L):  6
Power (W):  180
Power adjustment (%) : 1-100
Ultrasonic frequency (KHz): 40 (AS5150B)
Ultrasonic frequency (KHz)40/60 dual-band (AS5150BD)
Timing (min) : 1-999
Housing: aluminum

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