AAJ Button Dedicated Load Machine


The AAJ button dedicated load test bench is equipped with a dedicated button dynamo meter, which is used for the pressing load test of the button. It has the advantages of high precision, easy operation, and quick reset. The machine is easy to use and can be placed on various work surfaces.


· Dimensions: 200X150X260mm
· Stroke: 25mm

Installation and adjustment method

Fix the dynamo meter on the mounting plate and connect with four M4 screws. Unscrew the locking handle according to the space required during the measurement and adjust the measuring instrument to the appropriate height to perform the measurement.


The test machine should be used in a dry and non-corrosive environment. The oil hole of the gear box is often filled (note: use No. 20 lubricating oil). The surface of the instrument is often wiped and coated with anti-rust oil.

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