Comparison Microscope XZB-9B

About Comparison Microscope
By optical zoom, comparison microscope is used for macro of micro comparison of two or more objects in cutting or overlapping view field through one group of eyepieces observing left and right objective view fields. As clear imaging, high resolution, so you can identify the small differences

Technical Parameters of Comparison Microscope XZB-9B:
Optic magnification range: 2.5X~130X (LCD magnification)
Eyepieces: WF10×(Ø22mm)
Objectives: 0.8X, 1.2X, 2X, 3.5X, 4X (0.3X, 2X additional objectives for optional)
Binocular oblique adjusting range: 0~30 degree
Embedded 3 mega pixels colored digital CCD: with USB, AV and digital camera outputting interface
IPD adjusting range: 60~75mm; working distance: 100mm
Objective stage: dimension: 100mm X 100mm; moving range: X50mm, Y50mm, Z55mm
Horizontal linkage range: 50mm; electronic lifting range: 70mm
Objective view field observing range: Ø0.6mm~Ø92mm (including additional eyepieces, objectives)
Cold light source: 24V300W fiber optic cold light source, with optical lenses, brightness and light spot adjustable
Power supply: 220V AC input, 24V DC output, accords with international safety standard
For optional: WF6.3X eyepieces, WF20X eyepieces; LED high power 5W multi-wave band illuminating light source; ultraviolet infrared, IR receiving six band documentation attachment; bullet traces expansion instrument; professional digital camera interface; professional forensic image processing software

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