Comparison Microscope XZB-9A

About Comparison Microscope
By optical zoom, comparison microscope is used for macro of micro comparison of two or more objects in cutting or overlapping view field through one group of eyepieces observing left and right objective view fields. As clear imaging, high resolution, so you can identify the small differences

Brief Introduction of Comparison Microscope XZB-9A
Comparison microscope XZB-9A is a new generation of product developed by our company by having accumulated many years of experiences, fully absorbed essences at home and abroad, this product successfully solved the technical problems of comparing ridge width and consistency adjustable (this technology is included in the national technology security projects), so the main technical performance of the comparison microscope reached the international advanced level.

XZB-9A is an upgraded product improved on XZB-9 model, which not only retains excellent technical performances of XZB-9, but also increases its image quality and magnification, enlarges 10X and 20X eyepieces view field diameters, added 6.3X eyepiece and 2X additional objective lens, electronic lifting linkage working stages, and so on, and keeps original illumination ways and a variety of accessories, shape, structure more beautiful, reasonable, reliable, and makes the instrument fully plays its functions of comparison and identification.

This product is an ideal instrument for public security, inspection, court on document retrieval, marks checking and school teaching (used for bullets, tool marks, fingerprints, seals, texts, coins comparison, and identification), but also for industries and sectors such as banks, archaeology, electronics, biology, agriculture which need to identify on objects to use.

Binocular head horizontal adjusting device is a main feature of the instrument, and the leading top level in domestic comparison microscope fields, which adjust the binocular head height to fit observers’ position according to observers’ body height, when you flip till some position, it can automatically stop moving equilibrium.

Photo block
CCD camera
Cold light source universal bracket
Cold light source
Tilt working stage
Working stage
Binocular head horizontal adjusting device
Tightening screw
Binocular head
Cold light source lens
LED light adjusting knob

Technical Parameters:
Optic magnification range: 1.5X~200X
Eyepieces: 6.3X/Ø28 10X/Ø22 20X/Ø12 (6.3X and 20X eyepieces are for optional)
Objective lens: 0.8X, 1.3X, 2X, 3.2X, 5X (0.3X, 2X additional objective)
Bridge body open file size: 325mm
Binocular dip adjusting range: 0°~30°
Height of visual center of the pupil to the table surface: 410mm
IPD adjusting range: 60~75mm
Working distance: 100mm
Objective stage dimension: 100X100mm moving range: X50mm Y50mm Z55mm
Horizontal linkage (manual) range: 45mm
Up and down linkage (electronic) lifting range: 65mm
Objective view field observing range: Ø1.2~Ø116mm (includes additional eyepieces and objective lens)
Power supply has two types: 24V150W optic fiber cold light source, with optic lens, brightness and light spots adjustable, and 4.5V~7.5V/5W LED high power multi-waves illumination light source
Power supply: 220V AC input, 24V and 4.5V~7.5V DC output, accords with international safety standard

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