WSL-2 Lovibond Colorimeter

The Lovibond colorimeter comes with a set of standard color filters from light to dark colors, divided into three color series: red, yellow and blue. Its working principle is based on the principle of color subtractive mixing and matching. The optical system of the eyepiece tube configured by the instrument refracts the light into 90° and divides the observation field into two parts that can be observed at the same time. The field of view of the standard color filter in degrees. The color filter combination is appropriately selected to achieve the best match with the color of the tested sample. At this time, the Lovibond color filter value displayed by the instrument is the measurement result of the tested sample.



1. The Lovibond colorimeter is designed in full compliance with the internationally recognized Lovibond color scale.
2. The color matching in the split field of view, the measurement sensitivity is high.
3. Simple and intuitive Lovibond digital color language, quantitative description of color measurement results.
4. It can measure the visual color effect of various substances in the spectrum range visible to the naked eye.
5. The structure of the instrument is simple, easy to use, and easy to master.

Technical Parameter

Measuring range red R0.1-79.9 Lovibond unit
Yellow Y0.1-79.9 Lovibond unit
Blue B0.1-49.9 Lovibond unit
Neutral gray N0.1-3.9 Lovibond unit
 Minimum reading 0.1 Lovibond unit
Accessories 10mm 25.4mm 133.4mm
Diffuse reflectance of white board >80%


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