WGZ-1A Digital Display Table Turbidimeter

WGZ series diffused light turbidity meter is used to measure the scattering degree of insoluble particles suspended in water or transparent liquid and to quantify the content of these suspended particles. It can be widely used in the determination of turbidity of power plant, pure water plant, water treatment plant, beverage plant, environmental protection department, industrial water use, wine making industry and pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention department, hospital and other departments.

Introduction to product name of serial number type

1 WGZ – B Measurement range: 0-200ntu;
2 wgz-1b portable turbidimeter minimum value: 0.1NTU
3 WGZ – 20 b
4 WGZ – 1 s Measurement range: 0-20ntu;
5 wgz-20s desktop turbidity meter minimum value: 0.01NTU
6 WGZ – 1 a Measurement range: 0-200ntu;
7 WGZ – 20 Minimum indication: 0.1NTU
8. Measuring range of wgz-200 dual-range turbidity meter: 0-20ntu /0.01NTU;
Measurement range: 0-200ntu / 0.1ntu;
Measuring range of wgz-800 three-range turbidity meter: 0-20ntu /0.01NTU;
Measurement range: 0-200ntu / 0.1ntu;
Measurement range: 0-800 ntu /1NTU

Technical indicators

1. Basic error: 2.5%F.S
2. Repeatability: 1.5%F.S
3. Zero drift: 0.2ntu
4. Influence of power supply fluctuation: 0.5%F.S
5. Power supply: ac 220V/50HZ5W
6, environment temperature, using 5 ~ 35 ℃, storage – 20 ~ 55 ℃
7. Relative humidity: 80%RH


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