Micro programmable PID controller reduces the temperature difference inside shaking bath and smoothly rises the temperature.

Two 4-digit “LED” display in the front panel shows the “Set” and “Actual” temperatures.
It can automatically shut the power off when being overheated, making the system safe and reliable.
Temperature offset calibration function provide temperature accuracy control.
Number of the shaking per minute can set.
Operate continuously or set the timer up to 90 minutes.
Special design to prevent additional water drop into flasks.
Provides different kinds of sample holders.

Type:  WB-1010A
Heatig Power: 650W
Capacity: 10L
Tank Dimension (mm):  300W * 250H * 150D
Temp. Range: ambient~95℃
Temp. Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Outside Dimension: 320W *260H * 280D
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