TS-3D Shaking Table

Unique body of the machine uses the enhanced molding technology of engineering plastics.
It includes a built-in DC variable speed motor and the platform is made of rubber that will be maintenance
free from molds.  It can prevent accidental overflow of the acid solution from corroding the body of the machine.
Unique three-dimensional design principles can adjust the 3-15 degree Celsius angles of rotation.
Movement of rotation provides a mild and thorough mixing.
It is suitable for the mixture of gel tying, cleaning membrane and samples in tubes.
Three-dimensional circular rotation is specifically for oscillation of low foam, DNA extraction, and the processing
of transfer printing and reverse transfer printing.
It can adjust speed and obliqueness.
To set time from 0 to 120 minutes or continuous operation.
To adjust the three-dimensional rotation of 3 degrees to 15 degrees with hands.
To choose round or three-dimensional curve oscillation.

Shaking table active:                                                                      Three-dimensional circumference rotation
Platform size:                                                                                                                             320 x 265 mm
Inclination of speed:                                                                                                                   3 – 15 degrees
Maximum manual adjustable load:                                                                                                            5 kg
Working temperature:                                                                                                     4 – 60 degrees Celsius
Power:                                                                                                                                                      230 V
Capacity:                                                                                                                                                   35 W
Overall dimensions:                                                                                                          370 x 335 x 190 mm

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