Transport Infant Incubator

1.Microprocessor based servo control mode: air temperature, skin temperature.
2.AC power and DC Power alternatively, DC12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance.
3.LED display: air temperature, skin temperature, set temperature and internal battery power.
4.Self–testing function; various audible and visual failure alarms.
5.The infant bed can be pulled out from side door easily.
6.The height of incubator is adjustable.
7.Natural air flow humidity and Oxygen supply system.

Model BK-TIN1
Specification of hood
Mattress size (W*D)mm 630*320
Thermostat Cover Double-layer
Access Port 6(2 Iris Ports)
Operating Window 4
Infusion Seal 5
Technical Parameters
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption 450W
Display LED
Control Model Air; Skin
Air Temp. Control Range(℃) 25~37, 37.1~38
Skin Temp. Control Range(℃) 32~37, 37.1~38
Air/Skin Sensor Temp. Accuracy(℃) ±0.3
Temp. Rise Time ≤40min
Temp. Fluctuation(℃) ±1
Mattress (Horizontal) Temp.  Uniformity (℃) ≤1.5
Water Box Capacity(ml) 1200
Noise Level of Inside Incubator ≤60dB[A]
Main Battery DC12V 40AH, Li-ion battery
Charging Time 12 hours
Battery Working Time 2 hours
Auxiliary Battery DC8.4V 0.17AH, Li-ion battery
Operating Condition
Working Temp. Range(℃) 10~30
WorkingRelative humidity 30%~75%RH
Ambient Air Flow Rate <1m/s
Transport and Storage Temp. Range(℃) -40~55
Transport and Storage Relative Humidity ≤95%RH
Transport and Storage Atmospheric Pressure 500~1060 hPa
Alarm Power Failure,Fan Failure, Temp. Sensor Failure, Over Temp., Temp. Deviation
Standard Accessory Oxygen cylinders*2, IV pole, LED observe light, Drawer*2
Optional Accessory Infant resuscitator, Low pressure aspirator, Ambulance trolly
Net Weight 95kg
Package Size (W*D*H)mm

Contro Unit Trolley



 Gross Weight 170kg



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