TPJL-1000 Plant stem flow meter

The pin-type plant stem flow meter uses the heat dissipation probe method to measure the instantaneous runoff density of the trunk, which can continuously observe the sap flow of trees for a long time, which is conducive to the study of the law of water exchange between trees and the atmosphere, and this is used as an observation method.

Features of plant stem flow meter :

1. The probe can be reused: double probes, equipped with drilling tools, no damage to the probe.
2. Constant temperature heating: heat dissipation method is adopted, data is stable, and data can be read continuously for a long time.
3. Durable and durable: The stainless steel probe has a professional Teflon soil layer.
4. Collection time interval (1-99) and end time can be set, SD card is standard, no upper limit for data storage, and export and analysis.
5. AC and DC dual-purpose instruments can be customized.
6. High measurement accuracy: The measurement display data is 100,000 times the actual data.

Technical indicators of plant stem flow meter:

Measurement method Heat dissipation probe method (constant heat flow sensor method)
Measurement parameters  instantaneous liquid flow density
Probe length 33mm
Number of probes 2
Display 320*160 LCD display
Storage capacity 2GB
Sampling time interval 1-99 Minute adjustable
Power supply 8.4V rechargeable lithium battery (customizable solar power supply)
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