TOP-1000 Plant Canopy Analyzer

Product introduction

Plant canopy analyzer is also called plant canopy measuring instrument, plant canopy measuring instrument, TOP-1000 plant canopy analyzer can be widely used in agricultural production and agricultural scientific research, for the survey of canopy light energy resources, measuring plant canopy Interception of medium light rays to study the relationship between crop growth and development, yield quality and light energy utilization. This instrument is used for the measurement and recording of photo synthetically active radiation (PAR) in the 400nm ~ 700nm waveband. The unit of the measurement value is micro moles on square meters per second (μmols-1m-2).


1. TOP-1000 plant canopy analyzer display screen, operation buttons, storage SD card and measuring probe are integrated design, simple operation, small size and easy to carry.

2. The storage medium adopts SD card, which has large storage capacity and convenient data management.

3. The plant canopy tester has an automatic dormancy function.

4. There are two measurement methods: automatic and manual. The automatic measurement interval is 1 minute, the number of automatic measurements is 99 times, and the manual measurement is collected manually according to actual needs.

Three technical parameters

Measuring range 0~2700μmolm-2s-1
Resolution 1μmolm-2s-1
Relative difference (spectral response)  <10% (for crowns)
Accuracy <±0.5%±1 word of measured value
Accuracy <±5%±1 word of measured value (relative to NIM standard)
Automatic collection interval 1-99 minutes optional
Automatic collection times 1~99 times
Data storage capacity 2GB (standard SD card)
The total length of the instrument 75cm
Probe length 50cm
Power supply 2 AA batteries
Working environment 0℃~60℃; 100% relative humidity
Stability Change within one year<±2%
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