TM-1 Transparency Tester

TM-1 Transparency Tester

Transparency tester is requisite for detecting transparency of gelation.

Applicable standard
National standard (Food additive Gelatin) GB6783-94
National standard (Hard gelatin capsule for medicine) GB13731-92
Corporate standard (Thickness tester) Q/12XQ0193-2010

Thoroughly eliminating the influence to results by environment and experimenter’s visual error.
Standard test tube and same capacity of the sample.
High stable light source system, equal brightness.
High precise photo electric transducers for testing exactly.
Auto-testing, transparency being conversion accounted automatically.
Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.

Test range:  (20~500)mm
Test accuracy: ±5mm
Volume:   400ml
Power:  220V/ 50Hz/ 80W
Dimension: (360×240×120) mm3
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