Soil Compaction Meter

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Handset parameters

Ø Storage capacity: almost up to 30,000 groups in the handset and equipped with 4G Micro SD.
Ø Data collection interval: 5min~99hour
Ø Working power supply: 8.4V lithium battery
Ø Working current: standby power consumption 10mA working power consumption according to the configuration.

Model difference

Model Function
TJSD-750 General type, display soil compaction (kPa, kg/cm2, N/cm2
Range 0~10,000KPa; 0~100kg/cm2; 0~1,000N/cm2 (switchable)
Depth 0~375mm(measuring rod is 400mm)
Accuracy ±0.5%FS
Position Accuracy Three decimal ±0.5°C(≤50m)

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