TDM-650MP Digital Microscope

Specification List

Configuration Specifications TDM-650MP
Viewing Head 1920*1080 *
Pixel Size 3.75×3.75μm *
The output format HDMI *
The sensor 1/2″ Sony sensor *
Frame rate 60/FPS *
The image is stored (BMP or JPG photo storage) Taking Photos and video *
Optical path design Parallel to the optical path *
Optical Zoom 0.6-5.0X *
Field 12×6.75 – 1.44×0.81mm *
Working distance 86mm *
Total Magnification 28-240x (based on 15.6 inch display) *
Ligthning system Four-zonal dimming LED / ring light *
Calibration free functions There is no need to recalibrate when variability changes *
Measurement functions Support point, line, parallel line, circle, arc, Angle, rectangle, polygon measurement, etc. *
Way of changing times Manually changing times
Electric cruise doubled *
The 3d viewer 0° ~ 45° manual switch
Mode of Operation The mouse button *
Accessories The mobile platform
Select the zoom lens and auxiallry objective lens according to the use requirement


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