TDM-6303DMP Digital Microscope

Specification List

Configuration Specifications TDM-6303DMP
Viewing Head 1920*1080 *
Pixel Size 3.75×3.75μm *
The output format HDMI *
The sensor 1/2″ Sony sensor *
Frame rate 60/FPS *
The image is stored (BMP or JPG photo storage) Taking Photos and video *
Optical path design Parallel to the optical path *
Optical Zoom 0.6-5.0X *
Field 12×6.75 – 1.44×0.81mm *
Working distance 86mm *
Total Magnification 28-240x (based on 15.6 inch display) *
Ligthning system Four-zonal dimming LED / ring light *
Calibration free functions There is no need to recalibrate when variability changes
Measurement functions Support point, line, parallel line, circle, arc, Angle, rectangle, polygon measurement, etc.
Way of changing times Manually changing times *
Electric cruise doubled
The 3d viewer 0° ~ 45° manual switch *
Mode of Operation The mouse button *
Accessories The mobile platform *
Select the zoom lens and auxiallry objective lens according to the use requirement *


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