TDL-60B Series Tabletop Low Speed Centrifuge

Max Speed:  6000 RPM
Capacity:      12x20ml
Speed Type: Tabletop Low Speed Centrifuge
Temp Type: No

TDL-60B Series Low Speed Centrifuge

(TDL-60B, TDL-50B, TXL-4.7)

Cell Washing Centrifuge

The machine’s frme is made of high strength plastic, so it’s weight is light, the noise is low when running, it is controlled by microcomputer. The motor has a wide range of speed & run precisely. It can be operated simply and conveniently. It is safe and reliable because of being equipped with electronic door lock.

It can be used for qualitative analysis to serum, plasma, eviction in the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine and so on.


Model TDL-60B TDL-50B
Max. Speed 6000 RPM 5000 RPM
4700 RPM
Angle Rotor Capacity 20ml*12 (5200*g,6000 RPM) 20ml*18 (3800*g, 5000 RPM) 7ml*12 (2300*g, 4700 RPM)
Noise <70dB
Timer Range 0~99min
220V 50Hz 250w


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