TDL-40C Series

TDL-40C Series Low Speed Centrifuge
(TDL-40C, TDL-50C, TDL-60C)

The machine uses the frequency conversion brushless motor, low noise, easy operation, safe and reliable, can be widely used in biology, chemistry, medication and other areas of experimental and research work of blood, plasma urine.

1. Use inverter motor and new international standard 15ml centrifuge tube.
2. Advanced technology nanotechnology, low noise.
3. Use metal case, inner main parts use stainless steel, use Once shaping technique.
4. Unique duct design a comprehensive intelligent display, low temp rise.
5. Patented
* Cutting-edge equipment:
* All computer control variable-frequency motor, with precise run speed.
* Self-control electronic door lock.
* Elastic Open type hinged, the door can stay at any angle.
* Have damping device and automatic adjustment of motor imbalance.
6.Great range and high precision control.

Timer Range: 0min ~ 99min
Noise: Power: 220v 50Hz (110V option)
Whole Power: 180W
Speed Range: 100-4000 RPM
Rotate Speed Precision: Temperature Rise:

Model TDL-40C TDL-50C
Max. Speed 4000 RPM 5000 RPM
6000 RPM
Max .RCF 3180*g 3600*g 5000*g
Swing bucket rotor 100ml*4
15ml*8 15ml*12
Noise <70dB
Timer Range 0~99min
220V 50Hz 250w

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